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Every year, cities in central Minnesota take the opportunity to showcase their communities, attract visitors, and bring their residents together. In Elk River, explorers can explore a replica eagle's nest or admire a sculpture of a running deer. The second mural celebrates the Cuyuna Lakes State Recreation Area, which is bordered by Crosby and Ironton. At the Minnesota State Museum of Natural History in St. Paul, Minnesota, a mural on the Elk River depicts thousands of trumpet swans gathering on an open stretch of the Mississippi River.

Along the Elk River there are three main routes: US Highways 10 and 169 terminate at the northwestern junction of the Elk River, and Minnesota Highway 101 terminates at St. Paul. Both cities are located in the central part of Minnesota, between the Mississippi and the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin. U-10 And the main roads connecting these highways to Interstate 94 are the U-S. 169, which is seven miles south.

U-10 travels northwest toward St. Cloud and US 169 westward to the terminus of Minnesota Highway 101 at the northern end of the Elk River. The last glaciers to advance through Minnesota were pushed into the hardwood - wooded hills where it lies. These hills consisted of coarse material, which is one of several reasons why the Gravel mining is so widespread along the Elks River that it cannot be considered good farmland. U-S. 10, U-169 and Interstate 94 head north, while U-S. 10 ends at Lake Orono. In winter, it pauses and meanders for a few miles before stopping again in summer, creating Lake - ORONo, the largest freshwater lake in Minnesota and an important source of drinking water.

The Orono-Elk River area continued to grow, reaching a population of 723 in 1860, and in the 1990s it was one of the fastest growing corridors in the state of Minnesota. Agriculture and dairy farming have replaced timber as the main source of income for the ORONO area and the rest of Sherburne County.

In 1995 Dave had an idea for the first Elk River Art Show in Orono, Minnesota. Davebebe that his idea grew into one of the most successful art exhibitions in the state of Minnesota in seventeen years, from that first exhibition. It is estimated that the annual show, a collaboration between Dave Wright and the Minnesota Arts Council, has generated $45.8 million for Sherburne County and its economy.

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Elk River is also served by the Elk River Community School District, which currently teaches kindergarten through fifth grade and is largely paid for by community members. There are also professional concerts offered by local musicians, as well as a variety of local bands and musicians from all over the country. In addition, the City of Elk River has also received a $1.5 million grant from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to preserve the acres for the construction of a new parking lot and garage.

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More About Elk River

More About Elk River