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The town on the Elk River is a busy city when vacationers and hunters head north to their huts. But if you're in town and only planning a little time in the countryside outside the Twin Cities, Elk River, Minnesota, offers fun for the whole family. Children and carers can get their own free summer series on Thursdays from June to August, with everyone welcome to live music, food and entertainment on the outskirts of town. Summer and fall fall fall in one of the most popular summer music festivals in Minnesota, with a wide variety of music by local artists.

Professional concerts are also offered by the Elk River Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota State University Orchestra and University of Minnesota Orchestra. The more recent original concerts include a suite from the National Park Service's Symphonic Concerts series. The woodwind choir, which is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, will give a series of concerts on Saturday, 23 September, in the historic town hall of the city.

The quirky windmill was one of the artworks selected for the Nature Art Contest, which was sponsored by the National Park Service and Minnesota State University's Department of Natural Resources. The tools, which are shown in colour, represent the wood from the forest that contributed to the construction of the Elk River and the prairies that helped agriculture in the region to flourish. US 10 travels northwest to St. Cloud and then on to U-S-169, then winds north and stops at Lake Orono, which has created the largest freshwater lake in the United States, the second largest in North America after the Mississippi.

U-10 And U-S-169 is the main interstate highway connecting Interstate 94, which is seven miles south. Minnesota Highway 101 The northern terminus at US Highways 10 and 169 has its confluences at the Elk River, and both terminated at St. Cloud.

The three main arteries along the Elk River are bounded by the city of St. Cloud, the capital of the state of Minnesota, and the Minnesota State Capitol. The town is located on the north side of the river at the intersection of US Highway 101 and US Highway 169, north of downtown.

He currently teaches kindergarten through fifth grade and is the leader of the marching band at Elk River High School and the marching bands at St. Cloud Public Schools. The school summer band and the spring and summer marching groups are also conducting. He also serves as an honorary teacher on the Elk River, teaching eighth grade classes, paid for largely by community members, and as an associate professor at the University of Minnesota.

He is also a member of the Brainerd, MN - Heartland Community Orchestra as trombonist. He is an associate professor in music education at the University of Minnesota - St. Cloud and Minnesota State University - Moorhead. Nelson also serves as an active adjudicator at the Elk River Music Festival and the Northern Minnesota Music Competition. Jason has worked with the U.S. Army National Guard, the Army Corps of Engineers and many other organizations.

In 1998, the Blaine High School marching band performed the Minnesota Vikings' halftime show. Shannon joined the 728 Cadets Marchings Band and also worked with the River Valley Sound Winter Hornline. Nelson has served as a juror at the Elk River Music Festival and the Northern Minnesota Music Competition.

He founded the school's jazz band and played in numerous pit orchestras and school musicals before the academy launched its first full-time band program in the fall of 2010.

He graduated from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and served as a member of the US Army National Guard Marching Band. He joined Providence Academy and taught at the school for four years before taking his first full-time job as the band's music director.

After graduation, Shannon presented the best practices to current music education students and exchanged ideas for new teachers with his former students and his own students.

He is looking forward to seeing what he can do for his loved ones through his music therapy and also for the future of music education in the community.

Get ready for some cool outdoor fun and check out the city's calendar to plan your trip, Elk RiverFest is due in July when downtown Elk River Main Street will be the place to be. Artisans and craftsmen will be treated to a spring and fall arts and crafts show, with about 100 artisans welcome to ElkRiver Arena. You will definitely have a good time visiting Elk Rivers at any time of the year, but check out the best time you can have while planning a trip.

If you like sewing, a visit to the noble quilter's shop is a must on your Elk River route. If your children need to let off steam in the winter months, drop by and take them to one of their favorite stores. Visit downtown Elk Rivers for a free trick - or treat - at participating stores and for good food and entertainment.

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