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The Elk River Arena is located in the heart of Elk River, Minnesota, just a short drive from the Elk's home arena. The new arena has a 2,500-seat arena with up to 1,200 seats to cheer the moose on cold winter evenings in Minnesota. In addition to public outdoor skating, the new rink also features an upper hall that winds around the entire rink for private events such as concerts, family celebrations and special events.

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On the Elk River, a new modern multi-purpose arena will open next to the historic 1972 arena, which will house the Elk River Ice Arena, the largest indoor sports facility in the country. The new facility will also include a football field, basketball court and car park.

The Elk River Arena was expanded to two ice rinks in 1972 with the expansion of the ice hockey program and the surrounding community. In the following season 1977 - 78 an artificial ice machine was installed in the building. In 1997, the Elk River High School team played its games in the new Olympic Arena. This new building is the result of a $1.5 million investment made possible by voters in this city and a grant from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The Elk River Ice Hockey Arena, the largest hockey facility in the state of Minnesota, is operated by the University of North Dakota and hosts its home games at the US Bank Arena in St. Paul.

The AA banner for the 2001 national championship hangs in the moose barn, which gave the old arena its appropriate name in 1972. The city of Elk River held a farewell party with limited edition T-shirts sold to people who came to pay their respects to an old arena that started with moose hockey. The exterior of the building featured jerseys proudly worn by former Elk River hockey players, coaches and minders. Although the barn has meant a lot to many people over the decades, this day was bittersweet, but the end of a barn means a new beginning.

The history of the original barn dates back to the autumn of 1976, when the ground-breaking ceremony was held to complete the arena with only natural ice for the 1971-1972 season. The inauguration of this barn took place on January 11, 1972, and ERYHA acquired the building in the autumn of 1976. It was also the first time that Elk had the ability to produce the youngest NHL talent the state has seen in its hockey.

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